Egg-Free Slow-Carb Breakfast: Almond Porridge

Some people just don’t like eggs, or they want a breakfast option that doesn’t involve eggs sometimes.

On Finding My Fitness, I have a post with several other options, but one of my favorites right now is a good replacement for oatmeal. If you like the subtle flavors of coconut milk and almonds, then this recipe is for you.

I can see this especially hitting the spot as the weather starts to get cooler, and you can change the profile of the dish completely with just the spices you use.

Don’t feel married to almonds for this, either. Other kinds of nuts would taste just as delicious, and depending on your tastes you may even like it better with something like a walnut, macadamia nut, or pecan.

This is one of the recipes I’m featuring as part of the slow-carb meal planner I’ve developed.  A bunch of people have already signed up, and some have even told me they’ve reached their goals!  Check it out if you’re interested!

Let me know what you think about it in the comments!


  1. this was delicious! I was so excited to do this and I loved eating it, and then, hand to god…I crapped myself.
    so…That’s a thing that happens maybe.

  2. Jason Hi, im nor sure if you still writing in this blog but i find it realy hopeful, just a quick question, is coconut milk allow in the diet? This recipes look amazing and I want to try. Thanks

    • Hi Laura,

      You’ll find a couple camps regarding coconut milk because some people consider it a carb and some consider it a fat. I consider it a fat, because the carb content is so minimal it doesn’t even register. When you use it as a condiment like this, it’s fine.

      Try it out! 🙂

  3. There are big differences between brands of coconut milk. Some even have sugars added. Others have additives that can cause stomach problems. Try to find one with the lowest amount of carbs and additives (and a high amount of fat, because you’ll need less and it’s tastier). I just read this great article about it, but it’s in Dutch:

  4. Thanks for the recipe, I tried it very tasty

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