My Favorite Slow Carb Chili Recipe

Chili is often a staple for those of us on a Slow Carb Diet.  It’s family-friendly, party-friendly, super-easy, and by making a batch or two early in the week and portioning it out for lunches, you have your weekly meals planned.

While chili is a familiar food, everyone seems to have their own recipe.  Here’s mine – a bit more ingredients than most use, but I think it gives the chili a bit more depth than most chilis.

If you’re concerned about the cocoa powder, leave it out, but if you use pure baking cocoa with no added sugars or fillers, you’re actually getting yourself a mighty dose of antioxidants that shouldn’t cause your blood sugar to spike.

Slow Carb Chili

Slow Carb Chili



  1. Just made this. Excited to try it out.

  2. made it yesterday – ate it yesterday (and finished it today). excellent flavor – but seemed a little mushy to me…maybe cooked beans too long? Hard to imagine but don’t know what else to think. will def make again.

  3. Such a great recipe. I added some capsicum, celery and carrot. Not traditional but tasted great. Love all your recipes. Keep up the great work.

  4. wondering what brands of tomato paste and sauce are used for the least amount of carbs??

    • Good question, Becky. I can’t really give you a brand name because I don’t pay attention to that.

      Don’t focus on the amount of carbs, focus on the quality. If the carbs from your tomato paste are coming from tomatoes, that’s great. But if the ingredients say there’s extra sugar in it, find a different brand. The ingredient list is much more valuable for these types of things than the nutritional chart on the package.


  5. Tim Cruz says:

    Surprised my wife by making dinner. This was so easy and delicious I have a feeling it’ll be in our weekly rotation. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Sounds delish. How many carbs per serving?

    • Hey Leann,

      I’m not sure! I have never checked the macros of the recipes because in the book Tim Ferriss says we don’t need to pay attention to that stuff when we’re eating properly. One day I may, because I’m not certain that you can really eat as many beans as you want, but the idea is that it’s probably hard to eat enough beans to really make that much of an issue.


  7. Give black soy beans a try! They are much lower in carbs the other beans. They are a bit pricey canned but you can save by buying the dried ones online.

  8. Made this today. Followed recipe except used half sausage and half hamburger. Super yummy!

  9. Made without tomato paste, stock (used water), or a bay leaf… but added a can of diced chillis. Came out AMAZING!

  10. Hi i have a question. You mentioned leaving out the beans to avoid carbs, however Tim Ferriss states that beans are essential in Slow carb meals.

    What is your thinking here? I’m confused.

    • Beans aren’t essential to the meal, they’re useful for upping calories. The idea is not to eat too few calories, and as legumes generally digest slower they don’t affect your blood sugar as much as other dense carbohydrates, and they have a lot of fiber. You can also up calories by adding fats rather than legumes, and some folks have experienced quicker fat loss when keeping carbohydrate (net) intake below certain levels.



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