Slow-Carb Meal Plans Delivered To Your Inbox For $2

Meal planning is critical to success on any type of diet, but it takes time. You have to sit down and actually think about what you’re going to eat for an entire week, and then you have to write up a shopping list. For busy people like you, it’s tough to take that time.

There are two other things people often are concerned with when on the slow-carb diet:

  1. They don’t want to eat the same thing every day. It gets boring.
  2. They’re afraid to branch out, and because the food list in the book is so small they think it’s too restrictive.

Those are the three main reasons I created the slow-carb meal planner. You’ve seen the extensive food list that I put together (and now you know why I put so much time and research into a list so large), so you know it’s not a restrictive diet.

You also know that there are literally thousands of meal combinations that can be put together so you never have to eat the same thing twice if you don’t want to.

And now you don’t have to worry about the time it takes to plan either.

I’ve solved all of those problems and wrapped them up in a nice package, just for you.

Update: I got this awesome, totally unsolicited email from Kenda the other day:

I have been on your mailing list for awhile and am SO glad you have made the Slow-Carb Planner live and available to people like me.

The Slow-Carb Planner is EXACTLY what I need.

Might the slow-carb planner be exactly what YOU need?

Here’s another great piece of feedback I got:

These meals are awesome.
Already made this week’s breakfast hash and it’s a nice change. – F.C.

What’s included?

By now you probably have a pretty good idea what you’ll be getting as a charter member of the slow-carb planner.

  • A menu sent to you once a week, designed to give you 6 days of totally slow-carb meals.
  • A weekly shopping list so you can get everything you need in one trip.
  • 24 hour email support – I’m available by email, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.
  • Emotional support by email – I’m here for you!

There are 6 unique dinners each week, and up to 6 unique lunches. Most people are too busy to prepare separate lunches, and taking leftovers or making a new lunch from leftovers is the way they’re planned (with a couple exceptions).

Each week also contains at least 3 breakfasts. Most of us are too busy to get super fancy with breakfast, and the recipes I provide generally allow you to prepare several portions up front and reheat them when you’re ready. The rest usually can be prepared quickly, and the fancy ones are ideal for the weekend.

I’ve been cooking breakfast and dinner exclusively from your recipes this week — Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins, Nepali Chicken, Mexi Meatloaf … all great so far!
Nice work on this! 🙂 – N.T.

I’m in – sign me up!


When you sign up now, you’ll also receive:

Slow-carb condiment list with recipes
Condiments always enhance foods, but you have to be careful of the ones you can buy at the store. With your membership, you’ll get a list of great slow-carb condiments as well as recipes to make them yourself.

My Slow-Carb Quickstart Guide
In case you want a quick reference for why we do things the way we do them, you’ll get a PDF of my Quickstart Guide. It’ll also include my “Fairly Exhaustive Slow-Carb Food List” so you’ll have everything you need in one document.

Also, when you sign up now, any improvements I made to the plan will be yours as well. As I add new features and increase the price, your subscription price will never go up. You’re locked in for as long as you stick around.

How much?

$2 for the first month.

I’d love to have you try out the meal plan for just $2 for the first month. Then if you like it and stick around, it’s just $12.00 per month.

With your subscription, you’re getting a new menu every week. As the service grows and gains more offerings, your price will never go up. I’m already considering adding different levels, with forum access and a recipe finder. By subscribing now and sticking around, you’re locked in at that price.

What if it’s not for me?

No worries – you can cancel at any time, and the only question I might ask you is what I could have done to make it more valuable to you.

Sign up now!

creditcards-256x256To start your slow-carb meal plan now, click the link below. You’ll be taken to a checkout page, and after you fill in your details you’ll be all set!

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