30-Minute Easy Slow Carb Roast Chicken

Slow Carb Roast Chicken

This recipe is ridiculously simple and very tasty.  A perfect inaugural slow carb roast chicken for a bachelor or bachelorette new to cooking.  So easy and so well received that my friend’s non-cook boyfriend asked me to teach him to make it.  This dish is great served with green beans and roast veggies.

**Note: I like crispy, caramelized veggies so I will sometimes stir more often, but this isn’t necessary.

My Favorite Slow Carb Chili Recipe

Chili is often a staple for those of us on a Slow Carb Diet.  It’s family-friendly, party-friendly, super-easy, and by making a batch or two early in the week and portioning it out for lunches, you have your weekly meals planned.

While chili is a familiar food, everyone seems to have their own recipe.  Here’s mine – a bit more ingredients than most use, but I think it gives the chili a bit more depth than most chilis.

If you’re concerned about the cocoa powder, leave it out, but if you use pure baking cocoa with no added sugars or fillers, you’re actually getting yourself a mighty dose of antioxidants that shouldn’t cause your blood sugar to spike.

Slow Carb Chili

Slow Carb Chili