A Low Carb Substitute For Rice

Cauliflower - A Low Carb Substitute For Rice

This is based on an original post from Slow Carb Foodie.  The original author is Laura D.  It’s been modified from its original version.

More than 10 years ago my parents introduced me to “faux rice” and “faux potatoes”.  They tried to find a low carb substitute for rice.  This normally consists of really finely shredding a head of cauliflower (sometimes called “ricing”), steaming it and then covering it in some sort of low carb marinara or meat sauce to mask the fact that it tastes nothing like rice or potatoes.

Actually, with a little bit of time and effort, you can create a cauliflower dish that doesn’t need to be disguised.  Serve these like hash browns for breakfast or as side dish with any meal of the day.

I like to chop up an entire cauliflower at once (as well as extra onion and garlic) and keep the extra in the fridge. That way I can make it a few times throughout the week with minimal prep.

When you’re looking for vegetables to plan your slow-carb meals, this is a great thing to have on hand.  When you prepare it, I’d love to know what you think!

Preparing the Low Carb Substitute For Rice

Homestyle Slow Carb Lentils

This is a simple lentil recipe I came up with to utilize the leftover carrots, celery and onions I have from making veggie stock, chicken stock or roast chicken.  I call these “homestyle lentils” because they have a savory, wholesome roast chicken flavor.

Feel free to experiment with different quantities and seasonings.  I don’t normally measure, just throw in whatever leftovers I have laying around.  I’ve included approximations to get you started.

You can use canned or fresh dried prepared in this way.  If you use dried lentils, about 1 cup dried will do.  Just cook them before beginning the recipe as it assumes you are using cooked lentils.