Slow Carb Steak – Pepper Crusted Beef Fillet

A properly cooked slow carb steak is a delight to your mouth!
This is a really simple but flavorful Slow Carb steak recipe.  The trick is in not overcooking the steak.   I prefer mine medium rare.

A nice cut of grass fed beef, properly cooked, doesn’t need a whole lot of extras to taste amazing.   A friend’s dad used to say that if a steak requires A1, it wasn’t cooked properly. I have a similar philosophy about coffee and cream…

Anyway, you can cook this in terms of how you like it done however you prefer, just watch for burning the outside if you like your inside well done. If you’ve never had a steak with just some salt and pepper, then you haven’t experienced what good meat really tastes like. Do let us know after you’ve tried it!

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Mary F told me recently, “This is the first diet that I have not been hungry between meals or craved sweets. My husband is on it also, and we both have noticed an increase in our energy. He’s lost 5 lbs already. I haven’t lost any, but I’m trying not to get discouraged because this seems like a healthy way to eat.

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